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About Me

I am a computer scientist who recently discovered user experience design. Initially, I thought I was going to become a software engineer, but when I learned that my curiosity could be used for something greater, I chose to be a user experience designer.

Collaborating with others to help come up with a solution to a problem is something I enjoy immensely. I am a highly inquisitive individual driven by my desire to know the 'why' and understand the 'how', enabling me to get the most of the user research I conduct. My projects and designs reflect an underlying philosophy I have: Help empower others for the betterment of their well-being.

As someone who has grown up using a computer most of my life, I harnessed my creative juices for various things such as, creating digital music, photo editing, video production, and the creation of a claymation. I also played the cello for about 10 years during which I met Yo-Yo Ma (a world famous cellist).

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Work Sample 1

Assist Me is a mobile application I designed that allows people to connect with an expert. Sometimes people don't have the patience to search for things. This app allows a person to ask a question and they are connected to an expert who has the answer.

Work Sample 2

I was tasked with coming up with an idea to use technology to help solve social issues amongst senior citizens living in a living facility. The result was Good Company, an application that helped seniors get to know newcomers and thus reduce social isolation. I was the core designer.

Work Sample 3

A responsive web application, Perfect Properties gives the user the ability to more easily see a smart property investment they would potentially make. With a heavy focus on UI design, I used grids for each breakpoint to design the mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.